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That’s a wrap!

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Here we go, the traditional post WordCamp blog post. Oh, where to start? How about with “WOW,” “That was awesome” and “All of this for just $40? That’s crazy!” Those were the sentiments that I heard throughout the weekend. In planning WCLAX2016, my personal goal was to have the best WordCamp 2016 that we could, by providing a welcoming environment, helping to foster friendships and learning some new things about WordPress. I’m feeling pretty confident that all of those things did happen.

For the record, WordCamp Los Angeles didn’t just happen. It took some planning, like months of planning. Now I’d like to thank those people who made it all come together.

Starting with sponsors; without their financial support, those tickets would be much more expensive. Sponsoring a conference, any conference is a tough decision. The ROI might be hard to track, but our sponsors are all about building trust and relationships in the community, which I am confident will come back and pay dividends in the near future. Show your support and thank them again via social media and use their service where it makes sense. Thanks again to all of the amazing sponsors.

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

To our awesome speakers, you ladies and gentlemen rocked it! From what I’ve heard, everyone brought their “A Game” presentations and offered immense value. The fact that you all gave so much is again a testament to the sharing that happens in our community. For those of you who traveled from a distant state or country (Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Canada) paying your own way, we are in your debt. But please don’t send a bill, it won’t get paid!

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Hey You! Thats right I’m talking to you, the volunteers. You offered to help, so we took you up on it! Without your help, the camp would not have been nearly as good. Another thing I was told often was, “Hey Adam, the volunteers are awesome!” I couldn’t agree more. From the registration desk to the parking lot to the workshop rooms, volunteers made it happen. It took a village and I thank you for all of your help. Also a few special shoutouts to our social media maven, Bridget Willard who kept our Facebook page and Twitter account filled with content, Jen Miller who rocked blog posts, Traci Lawson who designed our graphics (and won the iPad from SiteGround!) & Kari Leigh Marucchi who provided photography coverage. Ladies, you are rockstars!

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Of course there is no way I could have done anything without the awesomeness of my co-organizers. These guys were crazy good! Seriously! The fact that they all have day jobs, along with other commitments, (and one with a non-sleeping-through the-night child), they stepped up and got their respective jobs done. Scott Buscemi killed it with getting sponsors signed up, Jamie Currie ran the Speaker, Sponsor, Volunteer event (and founda great spot for it!), Thomas Levy wrangled the speakers and building the website, Stephen Harvey herded those cats, I mean volunteers. I sincerely thank you. I’ll miss our weekly 2pm chats!


Finally I want to say thanks to all the attendees. Like I said, the WordPress community is an amazing thing. Without you willing to spend a weekend away from your friends & family, the WordCamp Foundation probably wouldn’t have let me book the venue and bought all that food! 🙂 As crazy as it may sound, I am seriously looking forward to seeing you ALL next year!


2016 WordCamp Los Angeles


P.S. Have you joined the community yet? I’m still selling it! 🙂

P.S.S. Thanks to my wife & kids as I was neck deep in WCLAX planning in the final 4 weeks. I even missed a kid’s soccer game on WordCamp Saturday (he scored 2x!). They know how happy I am doing “WordPress stuff” and for that I thank them for their unconditional love and support.


Photos by Kari Leigh Marucchi |  Found Art Photography

Start Snapchatting at WordCamp Los Angeles

Get Local by Snapchatting at WordCamp Los Angeles

WordCamp Los Angeles is a playground to those who WordPress. We use and believe in open source code because we want to be open, transparent, authentic and share. WordPressers, particularly those at #WCLAX want to get to know you and find out who you really are.

Are you ready to get real?

Then it’s time to venture into Snapchat!

#WCLAX is the perfect place to do so as you’ll be among friends, fellow WordCampers and Snapchatters. If you don’t know anyone yet, you will VERY soon.

Zeek Interactive has sponsored a Snapchat Geofilter, making every snap even more personal! And Snapchat has another feature you may love, especially for the after party. Every Snap disappears after 24 hours, unless you choose to save it to your memories or download! While this may seem like a waste to some, it really is an interesting perspective. Your Snaps capture life in the moment. Time stands still – and you snap it! Share still photos, audio notes or short videos. Use the chat feature for interactive phone calls, even!

To make the most of your time on Snapchat, you first need to create a profile. Take 4 photos of yourself to make the required gif. This will become your Snapcode (a picture of you on a ghost like pegboard) and it’s what you share on social media to connect with friends. You can also add people by username. If you see someone’s Snapcode and want to connect, take a picture of it and then click on add friends which will prompt you to add their Snapcode or photo.

Once you have a friend or two, you can get started! You can send individual photos (snaps) or add all of them to your Snapchat story, a 24 hour view of life as you know it. Add verbiage, art or emojis to your photos by pulling an icon from the top onto your photo. Into stickers or Bitmojis, you’ll find them here. Check out more fun features by tapping your face. Swipe to the side to discover more fun features. Want to use the WCLAX filter? Keep sliding and it should appear. Not seeing it? Ask a friend or WCLAX volunteer for help. Word to the wise, Geofilters like the one used at WCLAX are used instead of hashtags in Snapchat.

This is a platform where you don’t need followers, but the more you post, the more you’ll get. Whoever you exchange snaps with most often become your best friends on Snapchat. And, guess what, you’ll be able to see who’s viewed your snaps which means… transparency! So, use it to share who you are and what you do. Show off how you WordPress!

Need help deciding what to Snap? Look for fun, silly or outright hilarious moments. Document Alex’s hair. Share a presentation slide or some swag. Make your friends who didn’t attend jealous by private messaging them the fun you’re having. Watch stories your fellow attendees post by sliding left and enjoy!

Free Uber promo codes available to/from the WCLAX After Party


Heading to the WCLAX After Party on Saturday? We’ve got your transportation covered – with a load of Uber promo codes to get you there on time and in style.

Getting there

Starting at 4PM on Saturday, use the promo code WCLAXEVENT when you’re nearby the Cal State Golden Eagle Ballroom and you’ll get up to $10 off your ride. Without surge, the ride should be around $7-$8, which means you’ll be getting there for free.

Apply this promo code by pressing the menu button, “Promotions”, then “Add Promo Code.” You can only apply this code starting at 4PM.

This code expires at 10PM on Saturday, so be sure to get to the After Party on time! Only 50 codes will be available, so keep the networking going and carpool with your favorite fellow attendees.

Heading back

When you’re ready to head out for the night and leave the after party, use the promo code WCLAXPOSTEVENT when you’re nearby Angel City Brewery. You’ll get up to $10 off your ride to head back to Cal State or your hotel.

Apply this promo code by pressing the menu button, “Promotions”, then “Add Promo Code.” You can only apply this code starting at 4PM.

This code expires at 1AM the next day. Only 50 codes will be available, but you can fit up to four people in one UberX ride.

Never used Uber before?

If you’ve never used Uber before, you’re in luck – you can get another ride for free! Once you’ve downloaded the app from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store, create an account, then following these instructions for a free ride up to $15:

  • Press on the menu button on the top left
  • Press on “Promotions” then “Add Promo Code”
  • Enter the promo code uberswb1192

That’s it! The promo code will be applied to your next ride. You can use all three promo codes for a bevy of free rides during the event.

Prefer to drive instead?

If you’d like to drive to the After Party instead, there are plenty of parking lots & garages nearby:


FREE Parking at WCLAX – Remember Your Parking Pass

WCLAX is next weekend!

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces next weekend at Cal State LA! To ensure those smiles, WordCamp parking is FREE to attendees. Please park in Lot 5 and the lower levels of Structure C (not the top level) with your special parking pass.

WCLAX Parking Pass

You will need to DOWNLOAD and PRINT your parking pass, found here, and present it to receive FREE parking both days. Without it, you will be ticketed.

Please park on the lower levels of Structure C or in Lot 5, enter both through Lot 5, as shown on the attached map. View the campus as a whole, find designated parking areas and join us at WCLAX, just past the Student Union, in the Golden Eagle building. If you need directions to the campus, please click here.


WordCamp Los Angeles Overview and Schedule

WordCamp Los Angeles officially begins at 8:45 a.m., but plan to come early to grab swag, make some friends and help us stay on track. With more than 400 attendees, registration can take some time. We will be ready at 7:45a.m. on Saturday and Sunday to welcome you (with coffee) to WordCamp Los Angeles. Our venue remains at Cal State University Los Angeles, in the Golden Eagle Ballroom, located at 5151 State University Dr. in Los Angeles, CA.

Saturday Session Schedule

Once you arrive, you’ll note that we have planned two tracks, Lighthouse and Blue Whale, with classes scheduled on the hour all day on Saturday. Saturday is also the time for our special developer workshop series, known as Jam Sessions. Lunch on both days is scheduled from 12 to 1:30 p.m., giving you plenty of time to socialize! Closing remarks will be given at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and the After Party starts at 7 p.m. at Angel City Brewery, located at 216 Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. View Directions.

Sunday Session Schedule

Sunday’s schedule features two tracks. The Dunbar Track follows the same format as Saturday, with classes scheduled each hour on topics spanning website structure and tools to accessibility and eCommerce. The business track, Club Alabam, will be slightly different. Moderated by Steve Zehngut, this track is geared for those who run WordPress businesses and showcases 30 minute presentations on topics covering automation, scaling, project management and client/team interaction in WordPress companies. Following the tracks, WordCamp will conclude with closing remarks at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Review WordCamp Los Angeles schedule specifics to see the lineup of your favorite speakers.

Making the Most Of WordCamp Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter whether you journey to WordCamp Los Angeles as an organizer, volunteer, attendee, speaker, or sponsor, you are sure to have some questions. You may be curious about the speaker schedule or after party location. Perhaps you are wondering if you’ll find a topic that matches your skill level or maybe you aren’t quite sure what to bring. Making the most of WordCamp Los Angeles requires only two components: a ticket and the desire to WordPress.

WCLAX-Attendee WCLAX-Speaker WCLAX-Sponsor

What is WordCamp and What Should I Expect from WordCamp Los Angeles?

WordCamps are volunteer-run tech conferences built around the open source WordPress platform. These “camps” are created so you can dive into the world of WordPress, discussing and learning in a community. WordCamp Los Angeles allows designers, developers, business owners, artists, writers, SEO and IT consultants and those new to WordPress to gather and brainstorm how they can use WordPress more effectively. This event is created to provide you with a unique WordPress opportunity in Los Angeles. It’s your job to create an unforgettable experience!

How Can I Prepare? What Should I Bring?

  • Dress for Comfort – Keep in mind that WordCamp Los Angeles is a professional networking event. Plan on polished, business casual and you’ll fit right in. If you have questions on your attire, reference the WordCamp Code of Conduct to refrain from causing offense. 
  • Bring a Buddy – Nervous about WordCamp? Arrange to meet a friend there or sign up with a friend. Watch the #WCLAX hashtag and reach out to those who post. Look for them when you arrive and grow your new connection in person. Too time consuming? Force yourself to meet 10 new people as soon as you arrive. In no time you’ll have more new friends than you can track!
  • Bring a Small Bag or Backpack – You’ll find a ton of swag at these events, plus you’ll need a place to put your water bottle, wallet, business cards, phone (for contact exchange and selfies), preferred tech device (tablets are less bulky) and backup power source.
  • Review the Attendee List – Read about the people who will be there. You may discover you use their products, read their blog, or have something else, such as a love for schnauzers in common. Check the list
  • Review the Schedule – Make note of your “must” and “maybe” sessions. Build time for “hallway track” into your schedule as this is an unofficial opportunity to collaborate on ideas with other attendees while sessions are in full swing. 
  • Use Social Media – Follow the WordCamp Twitter hashtag #WCLAX to see last minute changes, read about speakers and retweet what others post. Follow speakers so you can tag them as you mention their talks and share gratitude for their willingness to speak along with funny and helpful quotes. 
  • Plan on the After Party – WordCamp LAX just isn’t the same without it. Trust me, it’s a time investment you’ll want to make. You’ll find new friends and go deep in conversation (and possibly song) in a way that can’t happen between traditional sessions. It’s a time to let your hair down and enjoy being part of the WordPress community. Plus, the photo booth memories will remind you of the fun you had forever.
  • Come with Issues and Questions. Every WordCamp has a group of dedicated “expert” volunteers slated to help answer your needs. At WCLAX we call it the Happiness Bar and we guarantee to make you smile, even if we can’t find you a quick fix.

What’s It Really Like? How Can I Make the Most of It?

  • Be Early – Show your session speaker that you are interested by getting to class before it starts and sitting close to the front. Smile and help the speaker to feel at ease, knowing they can count on a friendly face in the crowd.
  • Open Yourself to Learning – Discover something new or build on what you already know. Take notes. Embrace track cross-over; being a dev doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy and learn from a session on business management or copywriting. The reverse is true, as well.
  • Note Taking vs. Scrambling to Keep Up – Take sparse memory-jarring notes and record your aha moments, the speaker’s contact info and any shared urls that seem interesting to you. Type up a few quotes if you’ll be writing a recap post. The key here is to capture the essence of the session and learn how you can enhance your current process.
  • Speak Loudly – Most speakers have time for questions, use this chance to go deeper. Taking notes makes it easier to ask a related question and stand out from the crowd.
  • Burst Bubbles – Reach out to those around you. You already know the tech crowd is filled with introverts (you may even be one). If you’re willing to take a chance and introduce yourself to your seatmates, you will find that you have a lot in common with most people in the room.
  • Connect Easily – This is your chance! If you have been wanting to meet a speaker, vendor, or another audience member, WordCamp Los Angeles is an ideal place to make small chat or seek clarification. Speakers often provide time for one-on-one conversation after their talks. Get in line or send a tweet letting the person know you’d like a few minutes of their time and then follow up. Bring your business cards, even if you think you won’t use them. You don’t want to be the one who is empty handed if the time to share arrives.
  • Discover New Tools – WordCamp talks are chock full of free recommended WordPress resources and  plugins. Chances are that anything mentioned has been well-vetted by those in attendance, so make a note to try it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

I Love WordCamp Los Angeles – How Can I Share My Experience?

  • Share photos of you and your day, from selfies to swag! Be sure to tag the people and companies represented and share how you feel. Follow up with a blog post or capture moments of your day with a live or follow up video.
  • Express gratitude! People love to be thanked in social media and through the mail. Do what works for you, but remember that WordCamp Los Angeles has many sponsors, contributors, organizers and volunteers dedicated efforts on your behalf. Make their day by showing your appreciation. 
  • Keep track of who you met and solidify the interaction in social media or with a phone call or email referencing how you met in the weeks to follow WordCamp. Things and people transition pretty fast in Los Angeles and if too much time passes, you may be forgotten.
  • Make sure you meet the organizers while at WordCamp Los Angeles so you can thank them in the months that follow WordCamp Los Angeles. These people gave of their time, talents and energy to create an unforgettable weekend for you. Help them understand how they have made a difference in your life and share the value of the weekend with others who may benefit in years to follow. 

WordCamp Los Angeles - Making the Most of it!

Have more suggestions on making the most of your WordCamp Los Angeles experience? Comment below with tips and tricks you recommend so we can see you putting them into play on September 10-11, 2016.

Get Your Badge On!

You asked for them, you got’em!  Place these everywhere and anywhere that you have the right to do so! Simply right-click, save to your desktop and have fun!