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Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Here we go, the traditional post WordCamp blog post. Oh, where to start? How about with “WOW,” “That was awesome” and “All of this for just $40? That’s crazy!” Those were the sentiments that I heard throughout the weekend. In planning WCLAX2016, my personal goal was to have the best WordCamp 2016 that we could, by providing a welcoming environment, helping to foster friendships and learning some new things about WordPress. I’m feeling pretty confident that all of those things did happen.

For the record, WordCamp Los Angeles didn’t just happen. It took some planning, like months of planning. Now I’d like to thank those people who made it all come together.

Starting with sponsors; without their financial support, those tickets would be much more expensive. Sponsoring a conference, any conference is a tough decision. The ROI might be hard to track, but our sponsors are all about building trust and relationships in the community, which I am confident will come back and pay dividends in the near future. Show your support and thank them again via social media and use their service where it makes sense. Thanks again to all of the amazing sponsors.

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

To our awesome speakers, you ladies and gentlemen rocked it! From what I’ve heard, everyone brought their “A Game” presentations and offered immense value. The fact that you all gave so much is again a testament to the sharing that happens in our community. For those of you who traveled from a distant state or country (Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Canada) paying your own way, we are in your debt. But please don’t send a bill, it won’t get paid!

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Hey You! Thats right I’m talking to you, the volunteers. You offered to help, so we took you up on it! Without your help, the camp would not have been nearly as good. Another thing I was told often was, “Hey Adam, the volunteers are awesome!” I couldn’t agree more. From the registration desk to the parking lot to the workshop rooms, volunteers made it happen. It took a village and I thank you for all of your help. Also a few special shoutouts to our social media maven, Bridget Willard who kept our Facebook page and Twitter account filled with content, Jen Miller who rocked blog posts, Traci Lawson who designed our graphics (and won the iPad from SiteGround!) & Kari Leigh Marucchi who provided photography coverage. Ladies, you are rockstars!

Speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees gathered for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 #WCLAX

Of course there is no way I could have done anything without the awesomeness of my co-organizers. These guys were crazy good! Seriously! The fact that they all have day jobs, along with other commitments, (and one with a non-sleeping-through the-night child), they stepped up and got their respective jobs done. Scott Buscemi killed it with getting sponsors signed up, Jamie Currie ran the Speaker, Sponsor, Volunteer event (and founda great spot for it!), Thomas Levy wrangled the speakers and building the website, Stephen Harvey herded those cats, I mean volunteers. I sincerely thank you. I’ll miss our weekly 2pm chats!


Finally I want to say thanks to all the attendees. Like I said, the WordPress community is an amazing thing. Without you willing to spend a weekend away from your friends & family, the WordCamp Foundation probably wouldn’t have let me book the venue and bought all that food! 🙂 As crazy as it may sound, I am seriously looking forward to seeing you ALL next year!


2016 WordCamp Los Angeles


P.S. Have you joined the community yet? I’m still selling it! 🙂

P.S.S. Thanks to my wife & kids as I was neck deep in WCLAX planning in the final 4 weeks. I even missed a kid’s soccer game on WordCamp Saturday (he scored 2x!). They know how happy I am doing “WordPress stuff” and for that I thank them for their unconditional love and support.


Photos by Kari Leigh Marucchi |  Found Art Photography

Developer Workshop Downloads

Hello Campers!

If you were planning on attending the Developer workshops tomorrow aka the “Jam Sessions” please take a moment to download the resources the speakers have made available. Better to not rely on the venue wifi!

Andrew Norcross:

Nathan Tyler:

Nathan also suggests these Chrome extensions

Ben Cool

Get Your Badge On!

You asked for them, you got’em!  Place these everywhere and anywhere that you have the right to do so! Simply right-click, save to your desktop and have fun!


Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital piece to make WCLAX great. You’ll be helping to make our event run as smoothly as possible, ensuring a great time is had by all. Plus, it’s a great way to get more involved in the WordPress community!

If you’re interested in volunteering, please read the information below, and let us know how you’d like to help out in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Volunteer roles will be defined as the event draws closer.

Please provide as much information as possible.

Call for Speakers

We are currently looking for speakers! We’re expecting nearly 400 attendees with a wide range of experience and interests. All presentations will be recorded and posted to

Session Overview
Sessions will be 35 minutes long with 10 minutes of Q&A. We’re currently looking for talks related to the following topics (though other topics are welcome):

▪ WordPress Basics
▪ Blogging and Content Creation
▪ Custom Website Development
▪ Themes and Front End Development (HTML/CSS/JS, etc…)
▪ Design and User Experience
▪ Backend Development, Frameworks, Workflow, etc…
▪ Marketing and Branding
▪ Running a WordPress Based Business

Required Qualifications
You are not expected to be a professional speaker, but you must know what you’re talking about. We’ll be selecting speakers based on how timely, relevant and useful the topic is.

Apply Now! – Deadline is July 15, 2016
What are you waiting for?  Apply to speak at WordCamp Los Angeles by filling out the short form below. Please be as detailed as possible.

Welcome to WordCamp Los Angeles

We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Los Angeles is officially on the calendar!

WordCamp Los Angeles will be held September 10th and 11th, once again at Cal State Los Angeles

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Looking forward to seeing you all at WCLAX!